world-leading relaxation video for better outcomes
Window Channel Network is a global leader in patient engagement wellness video programming. We create, distribute and innovate the highest-quality original HD relaxation and wellness video that empowers patients and clinicians to achieve better experiences and improved outcomes.
The Window Channel Network’s library includes eight specialty channels with more than 160 hours of relaxation and entertainment video. Clinical testing and trial has proven the Window Channel programming effective in reducing intrusive noise levels, encouraging healthy sleep patterns and reducing stress.
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Ventana Channel   Caribbean

The Nature Window   Beautiful Places

The Spirit Window  Buddhist Prayers

Kids World  Expedition

Ventana Channel   Heavenly

The Nature Window  Beautiful Beaches

The Spirit Window  Christian Prayers

Kids World  Exploration

Ventana Channel   San Juan Skyway

The Nature Window  Rocky Mountains

The Spirit Window  IslamicPrayers

Sleepwell Channel  Midnight Sky

Ventana Channel  Chicago

The Nature Window  Costa Rica

The Spirit Window  Catholic Prayers

Dreamwell Channel  Tropical Sunrise

original wellness relaxation television for mind body and soul
Window Channel Network presents original relaxation and wellness video for healthcare and wellbeing. Bring stress-relief to the patient bedside with continuous broadcast-quality programming developed by wellness professionals . Open up a window to a whole new world of wellbeing for all aspects of mind, body and spirit.