relaxation videos for your patients, guests, and visitors

Window Channel Network offers no-nonsense commercial licensing designed to meet the needs of healthcare, hospitality, and anywhere background ambient video is desired.

Designed for Interactive Networks, closed circuit TV, and streaming as an OTT Channel, Window Channel Network’s team can assist in installation for most commercial facilities or locations.

– Relaxing, inspiring and engaging videos for your patients, guests and visitors

– Pricing is per facility with unlimited usage in each licensed facility

– Content is updated as new titles are released

– Price guarantee for multi-year agreements

Window channel network videos

Ventana Lite Relaxation Channel

 Nature Relaxation with Nature Sounds

10 titles, 5 hours programming

Ventana Channel

Nature Relaxation With Nature Sounds

33 titles, 56 hours programming

Kids World Channel

Ambient Relaxation for Younger Viewers

9 titles, 16 hours programming

Sleepwell Channel

Relaxation Video Designed for Sleep and Deep Meditation

54 titles, 216 hours programming

Dreamwell Channel

Relaxation Video with Still Photos for Sleep and Deep Meditation

15 titles, 30 hours programming

Spirit window channel

Spiritual, Religious, and Inspirational Wellness Video

19 titles, 30 hours programming

Scenery Channel

Relaxing Video from Global Destinations for Background Relaxation

20 titles, 10 hours programming

Yocalm Channel

Yoga, Meditation, Guided Imagery and Breathing to Manage Stress and Improve Healthy Outcomes

39 titles, 17 hours programming

*Select titles available in Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian

Nature Channel

Relaxing Nature Video from Around the World with Original Music scores

18 titles, 18 hours programming

coming soon

postcard channel

Relaxing Videos from Global Destinations for Background 

20 titles, 10 hours programming

Video wallpaper

Background slow-TV for ambiance

20 titles, 10 hours programming