Window Channel Network’s original HD videos are created for the relaxation, sleep, inspiration and entertainment needs of every interest and age group. Filmed on-location at many of the world’s most scenic and serene destinations, awe-inspiring visuals are paired with naturally occurring sounds or peaceful musical scores. Window Channel Network’s eleven channels feature more than 225 videos and nearly 400 hours of programming to provide a visually stunning, soothing experience for viewers across the globe.


(Spanish for window): Relaxation videos for enjoyment and wellbeing


Low-light sleep video and sounds to aid in healthy sleep patterns

Spirit Window

Spiritual support with nurting prayers, inspirations, and beautiful relaxation video

Symphony Square

 A masterful collaboration of young artists and relaxing video


Exotic destinations for a truly vicarious travel experience


Low-light sleep images with white noise to aid in healthy sleep patterns

Kids World

General relaxation for children of all ages


Mindfulness for the modern age with yoga, guided meditation and music

Nature Window

Inspirational beauty of nature accompanied by relaxing music scores


Relaxing postcard videos for background entertainment

Video Wallpaper

The best of slow-TV for background ambience

Window Channel Network for a rested, relaxed better you

Window Channel Network for a rested, relaxed better you