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The Window Channel Network is proud to partner with Amazon to offer nature videos for relaxation, sleep, and meditation, included in your prime membership. Viewer feedback guides our production; you tell us what helps you relax, and we travel the globe to film it and bring it to you.

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recent reviews

Underwater Palau

This is much more scenic than your average “aquarium for your TV” type movie. I appreciate that there are just natural sounding bubbles as background noise, not corny music. Great reef footage too.


Midnight Thunderstrorm

This truly is ultra low light, which is helpful when trying to unwind, or even go to sleep. One of my favorite things to do to unwind is sit with a cup of tea, a good book, and listen to a rainstorm in a comfortable chair. I did this over the weekend for less than an hour and felt more refreshed than if I’d taken a nap! I highly recommend this video. It might even be good for children if they aren’t afraid of thunder!

Katie S

Gentle Evening Rain

My husband was in intensive care for days and I spent the night there with him. The lovely sounds were soothing and helped a little in drowning out the other noises. Comforting and restful.


“I don’t think I’ve ever “watched” this all the way through, but I sure have slept to it many, many times! The sounds are so pleasant and soothing that it takes me no time to fall asleep. The visuals are beautiful, as many of this series are. So glad they decided not to put music over these and just let the natural sounds come through.”

Robert E.

“I have tinnitus so I have to have some sound to drown out the ringing in my ears. This video gives me exactly what I need. The sound is so relaxing, I’m usually asleep before the second set of thunder claps.

Brenda B.

“In the world today with all the go go go energy hype just to keep going…there needs to be more ways to help people to slow down relax… Maybe this is the start of new ways to deal with life and what it dictates. It truly helps the poor overload on the brain. Very healing!!!”


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